Some People Are Just Love Stories, And Other Thoughts Of Letting Go

Recalled as a thought-provoking sentiment from some less memorable podcast, my friend, newly inspired and single, repeated these words and they struck me with equal intensity: “Some people are just love stories.” But not all love stories have happy endings. Sometimes they just end. 

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janessa leone straw hat

6 Sustainable Sun Hats For Summer, Or Just Life

Sweet summertime means long sun-soaked days, sunset dips and hours upon hours of looking at the clock waiting to break free from work. In dramatic fashion, toss those papers aside and make a break for the ocean, but don’t forget to protect the money maker — your face, of course! Since hats are trés trendy right now, make yours sustainable for an added layer of protection for mama earth. 

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name change

I Changed My Name When I Got Married, It Doesn’t Make Me Less Feminist

I’ve been married for over a year and just decided to change my name. And when I say decided I mean walk into the Social Security office and do it. With more emotions than I was expecting, I drove downtown, paid too much for parking, inserted my social security number into the kiosk, got my number and waited. Waited to change an identity I have held for 30 years.

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patience peonies

Her Stories: Share Your Experience with Patience

“Be patient — you are on your way.” What is your experience with patience? How can you grant yourself the time and space to develop, to discover your desires, to grow? Share your story. Read More

laura berger rolling sun up the hill

Listen: Founder Cat Canada on Sonya Looney Podcast – Redefining Feminine

Sonya Looney is a world champion endurance mountain biker. She has shared her story as a writer, public speaker, and podcast host. She talks about her rise to becoming one of the top adventure female athletes with heavy doses of motivation and positivity. So when she reached out to interview Cat on her podcast, the answer was an immediate yes!

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