Holding Space to Heal Without Relying On The Story Of Brokenness

Unveiled from a casual, catch-up conversation on a Wednesday night was a mutual realization that tumbled out more like a confession: we are obsessed with the need to heal. But, is it actually serving us anymore? And to be honest, are we really all that broken?

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women's march prep night

Women’s March 2019 Prep Night

The third annual Women’s March is here — Saturday, January 19th — and we are hosting our first event of the year in its honor! Join us Wednesday, Jan. 16th for a night of sign making, photo taking, mingling and planning for the fall of the patriarchy…er, the march. (We wish it were that easy; we wouldn’t have a need to do three!)

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woman's feet getting grounded

4 Ways To Use The Elements To Get Grounded

Connect to the four elements, especially as the seasons begin to turn, to help you ground down, feel supported and slow down the spinning sensation when it feels like the earth is about to rotate right off its axis. Here are easy ways to do it.

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American flag symbolizing our right to vote

November Is Coming: The Ladies Aloud Voter’s Guide To The Midterm Elections

Why should you care about the midterm elections? Tons of reason, but mostly because it’s your right as an American and it’s your time to be heard! A few weeks ago, we walked through the ballot for the midterm elections hand in hand with Amie from the League of Women Voters, San Diego. More informed and inspired to dig a little deeper ourselves, here’s a quick recap of the event and a summary of the ballot breakdown. 

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