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Listen: Founder Cat Canada on Sonya Looney Podcast – Redefining Feminine

Sonya Looney is a world champion endurance mountain biker. She has shared her story as a writer, public speaker, and podcast host. She talks about her rise to becoming one of the top adventure female athletes with heavy doses of motivation and positivity. So when she reached out to interview Cat on her podcast, the answer was an immediate yes!

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Rewriting The Female Story

Entrenched in conversation, she focuses her blue eyes in her thoughts. She gives me spastic glances below her dark curly hair checking to see if I am still looking. I am. I will hold this gaze (don’t call it male) until she relents. Holding my stare I notice how her mouth is slightly uneven making her more alluring, more approachable. The right side wraps slightly further upward as her thin lips unravel into a smile from what she wants to portray as genuine entertainment, but I know it’s for me. It’s my opening.

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Amplifying Your Alignment

Join our Write Meow Monthly to have your work featured here on Ladies Aloud.  Here’s how it works: Our founder Cat will share a theme or prompt at the beginning of each month asking you to reflect on your own experience. Share your story however it relates to you, and submit your piece by the assigned date. 2 stories will be selected and featured. This month’s theme – alignment!

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Melanin and Sustainable Style Asks: Who The Hell Wants To Only See White Women In Sustainable Fashion?

“…(unfortunately, despite my very best efforts and many attempts, styles worn on a tall, young, white, thin model would sell significantly better than anything else, though I would love for you as my customers to help disprove this.) As a feminist, I would love to take a stand and insist on only using diverse women, but if this leads me to going out of business then not only will I not be able to help bring more diversity to fashion, but I also won’t be able to help bring fair trade, veganism, and sustainability to fashion either.” (A sustainable fashion pioneer whose name is intentionally left undisclosed)

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Andrea m kollar

Breaking The Stigma of Motherhood and Sexuality

What does it mean to be a mother? Can it be defined? For too long the definition has been singular: caretaker or homemaker. Where did the fierce warriors, glowing goddesses and sage healers of times past go? When did we become so passive? And why, once we bring life into this world are we expected to disassociate with the sexy version of our youth, or at the very least, of our pre-motherhood days?

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light in the dark

The Human Experience Of Emotion, Logic and Car Accidents

In the flora and fauna kingdoms, there’s a natural cycle, the circle of life, if you will. It’s within this fluidity of rising and setting, death and rebirth, decay and growth that life’s most challenging and majestic lessons reside. The difference of the human experience of these dualities of life is just that — our humanity. We analyze life’s greatest lessons to find meaning. We roll over the questions as we toss in bed: Why, why not, what if? Read More

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Veyali: The Non-Toxic Perfumes You’ve Been Looking For

On the journey of cleansing my bathroom shelf of toxins and dirty ingredients, perfume was physically and metaphorically on the bottom. The top shelf products like skincare and deodorant, for some reason, seemed to be the most obvious and everyday item to begin the detox process with. Admittedly I don’t wear perfume every day. Though that has not always been true. At one point in time, I had upwards of 10 different fragrances. All name brands, all loaded with dirty toxins.

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reformation clean jeans

Reformation Cleaner Jeans: A Step Into Sustainable Denim

Denim is dirty business. Really dirty. According to Reformation’s new campaign into cleaner jeans, 1 pair of the 450 million jeans Americans buy a year takes upwards of 1,500 gallons of water to produce. Water that then goes untreated back into the environment causing deeper — literally deep into the ground — damages that go beyond immediate repercussions.

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Shop Good Night Out

A (Shop) Good Night Out With Dames Collective

54 minutes, the intimidating length of time it would take from my desk in Sorrento Valley to the female networking event in North Park I had committed and recruited co-workers to. With a sigh of “I have to do this” I gathered my things in a rush, hit go on my Google maps and got in the very long line of cars making their way across town on the 805 South.

50 minutes later I slipped into a front row parking spot as I hung up from a quick life update call with my best babe and gallantly strutted into Shop Good on North Park Way for my first Dames Collective event. It was a first for them too – a maidens voyage for their Dames After Dark events, held specially for us 9-5ers. I jumped at the opportunity to attend one of their grl powered events since I had been following their Insta for months. And for the first one being at Shop Good, the newest (and most adorable!) clean beauty boutique, no amount of post-work grumpiness or rush hour traffic could keep me away.

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