women's march prep night

Women’s March 2019 Prep Night

The third annual Women’s March is here — Saturday, January 19th — and we are hosting our first event of the year in its honor! Join us Wednesday, Jan. 16th for a night of sign making, photo taking, mingling and planning for the fall of the patriarchy…er, the march. (We wish it were that easy; we wouldn’t have a need to do three!)

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American flag symbolizing our right to vote

November Is Coming: The Ladies Aloud Voter’s Guide To The Midterm Elections

Why should you care about the midterm elections? Tons of reason, but mostly because it’s your right as an American and it’s your time to be heard! A few weeks ago, we walked through the ballot for the midterm elections hand in hand with Amie from the League of Women Voters, San Diego. More informed and inspired to dig a little deeper ourselves, here’s a quick recap of the event and a summary of the ballot breakdown. 

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laura berger rolling sun up the hill

Listen: Founder Cat Canada on Sonya Looney Podcast – Redefining Feminine

Sonya Looney is a world champion endurance mountain biker. She has shared her story as a writer, public speaker, and podcast host. She talks about her rise to becoming one of the top adventure female athletes with heavy doses of motivation and positivity. So when she reached out to interview Cat on her podcast, the answer was an immediate yes!

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june events water

June Events: Good Day, Sunshine

Sunshiney days are ahead, ladies, as we roll head and heart first into the belly of summer. With fundraisers, meet-ups, women circles and summer solstice celebrations, there is a little bit of everything to welcome the long days and warm nights. It’s summer lovin’ Ladies Aloud style! 

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may events wildflowers

May Events: Somewhere She Feels Free

Just like the flowers of Carlsbad, we are watered and blooming into our best selves this month, ready to let our inner (and outer for that matter) shine! This month, it is all about being your wild self – be unapologetic about who you are, sway with unabashed self-confidence, and sprinkle that pollen of love to your sisters next door. Ready to blossom with your ladies? Read More

Clean Beauty Ladies Aloud

Ladies Aloud Local Event: Dirty Talk and Clean Beauty

Did you know women apply on average up to 168 chemicals each day through the skincare, makeup and beauty products we use? The health effects can be anywhere from more minor reactions like skin rashes to more major like hormone disruption, hair loss, and depression. Though that all sounds bad, there is one light at the end of the toxin-infused tunnel – we have the ability to not only heal but prevent sickness and impurities in the body by cleaning up our act.

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April events

April Events: Seeing Clearly, Bright Eyes

April showers are letting love reign over us as we head more fully into the belly of spring. From sprinkling our days with simple pleasures of self-love to embracing the deluge of cleaning out our makeup bags, routines, and self-defeating thoughts, this month is designed for learning of new spaces we belong and healthy habits to create. It’s a grounding season and we are preparing to rise, rise, rise!

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We’ve All Got Sustainable Fashion Fever

Last week we had our inaugural Ladies Aloud Local event, a panel discussion on Women & Sustainable Fashion. Our panelists were brilliant and humble and wowed the crowd with humor, honesty, hard facts (did you know you only wear 20% of your closet?) and positive encouragement of “we’re all in this together!” The energy was welcoming and Vocabulary’s funky chandelier offered the perfect glow as women connected, fiercely engaged and walked away with sustainable fashion fever!

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