Meet Shannan Scott, Intentional Business Coach & Purveyor of Wild Ideas

Shannan Scott believes in other people’s dreams. And once she’s on the case of your dream she works to help you realize it.¬†She’s a light that illuminates your wildest ideas and will always tell you that you’re not crazy, you can do it! For anyone who needs guidance in work and probably life, Shannan is the woman for you.

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berlin skin

This Clean Skincare Founder is Asking Women To Do Less, Meet Monica Watson of Berlin Skin

The first thing you notice when sitting with Monica is her skin – it’s luminous, very much like her personality that quickly shines through as well. And with genuine humility, she brushes off my jarring “OH MY GOSH your skin!” compliment with a charming, “Oh, it’s a good week.” And it’s in this immediate and initial interaction that I understood what the next two hours over drinks and food would eventually teach me — her minimalist approach and beauty both in person and product are honest and alluring.

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Kestrel Jenkins

Chic, Conscious and Chatting: Meet Kestrel Jenkins

Kestrel Jenkins is the host of Conscious Chatter, a podcast where what you wear matters. She speaks with leaders, innovators, and designers within the sustainable fashion industry about an array of topics like workers rights, environmentalism, equal representation, and trends. Her style is uniquely her own by reimagining trends and pieces in ways that only a true student, devotee, and maven to the fashion world could design.

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alison rojas metcalfe

Meet the Female Maker Behind Salud Shoppe

Alison Rojas Metcalfe is generous, kind, a master creator and a woman of many talents. She is a local San Diego maker whose heart is in sustainability and hands is in anything she can create. From ethical + sustainable fashion, inspired by nature and her surroundings, to holistic skincare including the most incredible and effective natural deodorant cream, Alison turns to clean gold all she touches.

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