Restoring Hope and Sharing Love: Meet Natacha Cabrera, Founder of Restore Blank

Natacha Cabrera, the founder of Restore ____ (pronounced Restore Blank), shares her emotional story behind the inspiration to launch a nail polish subscription service and why she believes female solidarity is the strength every woman needs.

There is something infectious about Natacha, she emanates a goodness that you just want to be around. She cares for everyone around her and acts with compassion toward everyone she meets. And her brand, Restore ____, is a reflection of the kindness and selflessness of its founder. Natacha is working one month, one manicure at a time to restore faith, hope and confidence to women who need a subtle, gentle reminder they are not alone.

She founded the nail polish subscription box company after an act of love between friends that inspired over a hundred of other people to join, which then birthed the idea for a business. It is a touching story of resilience, friendship and community.

So we caught up with Natacha to learn more about her, her budding business and where she is heading next:

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Can you give an elevator pitch – what is Restore____?

Restore____ is a nail polish subscription that helps bring a bit of color to difficult topics mainly related to women’s issues. We’re hoping to spread awareness and create a community of people who stand and care for others.

The story behind Restore ____ is so emotionally charged and rooted in giving back, why was it important to you to make a business around this idea?

I believe it doesn’t take much to make others feel special or seen and knowing there was a way to create a community to show we are standing together around something difficult. Although we give back a portion of our proceeds to a non-profit working towards a cause, I also love the idea of us giving our time, energy, words, to say we are standing with you and you are not alone.

So how exactly does Restore Blank work?

You subscribe, receive your box, paint your nails and fill in the blank line in Restore____ to say what you would like to Restore in those you’re standing with that month. The subscription is $18 a month and the window to sign up for that month is from the 1st to 15th! After the 15th the subscription window is closed and the box becomes available for purchase at $21.

restore blank how it worksDid you have entrepreneurial dreams before? Or is this your first venture into owning a business

I’ve always known I wanted to start my own business but never knew what. I’m so happy with Restore____. And I hope this is just the beginning of it possibly growing into something else.

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How do you go about choosing your causes each month?

Before launching Restore____ I sent out a survey to about 60 women of different ages and asked the question “What’s a topic or cause you feel doesn’t get talked about enough and you wish people did” and that’s how I got my list! I try and sync it up to its awareness month or if not do it the month that follows.

Is there a cause that is particularly close to your heart?

It’s funny you ask that because when I started I was like “ Oh that month is going to be the one that will hit close to home” but as each month goes on and dive into becoming more aware of what those who have been victims of domestic violence, have lost a baby, are homeless, a victim of human trafficking and suffering with eating disorders….they are all close to my heart!

What is next for Restore ____; where would like to see it grow?

I almost answered it in the questions before but the goal I have for Restore____. Is to be able to create a culture that all people should hold all causes, all people close to their heart and spread awareness and speak for others when they can’t. I am selling nail polish but the nail polish is really just a vehicle to create unity and way to show we are all together and no one is alone.

Join Restore ____ monthly nail polish service here!


Featured photo by: Riley Starr of Riley Starr Photography

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