Meet Shannan Scott, Intentional Business Coach & Purveyor of Wild Ideas

Shannan Scott believes in other people’s dreams. And once she’s on the case of your dream she works to help you realize it. She’s a light that illuminates your wildest ideas and will always tell you that you’re not crazy, you can do it! For anyone who needs guidance in work and probably life, Shannan is the woman for you.


Shannan Scott is a consultant and advocate for small businesses owners. Believing that business should be values-based, she helps her clients thoughtfully scale, sustainably grow and create noticeable impact by meeting every idea with intention. Her professional experience in the events industry coupled with an academic background in hospitality & tourism fuel a continual dedication to the creative expression and positioning of a brand’s culture and story.

She is also the creator of Ideas With Intention™, an educational platform + podcast providing insights and advice for the multi-faceted, entrepreneurial-minded woman as she pursues new identities, initiatives + ideas.

Shannan ScottShannan lives on the big island of Hawai’i with her hotel-managing husband, Josh. She’s always down for chatting over chai lattes (the spicier the better, and with almond milk please!) virtually or in-person about entrepreneur life, everyday adventures + making waves in the world!

For all these reasons plus her magnetic light, we connected with her to hear what intention is all about and how we can finally see her IRL.

You are a lady boss who does it all – where to start? Let’s start with your main squeeze before chatting your many and equally incredible side dishes: Creative business consulting. How did you come into this line of work and how is your approach uniquely yours?

My journey to this role has definitely not been a linear one! I actually studied hospitality and tourism with my professional experience largely focused in the events industry. And while I left this career of mine to pursue a bigger dream and better lifestyle for myself, one thing hasn’t changed: my work still revolves around bringing ideas to life only now it’s in service to small business owners (and not limited to events!)

My approach is very intentional; it considers both the big picture as well as the small details. When working with clients, I’m as much invested in the strategic direction and creative development of an idea as I am in the execution and delivery of it.

When we are thoughtful about our choices, our voices, and our ideas, we can make waves in the world; and to me, that is the purpose of business

I love how you talk again and again about intention as part of your process – why is intention such a major component in everything you do?

I think intention is the key to not only honoring, but activating, our values in life (and in business). When we prioritize the people, projects or perspectives that matter most to us, we live in alignment. I also believe intention drives change and impact. When we are thoughtful about our choices, our voices, and our ideas, we can make waves in the world; and to me, that is the purpose of business. Like many of my clients, I care deeply about leaving a lasting legacy and building something that matters.

You help people bring their best and most passionate ideas to life — where or when do your best ideas come to you?

Always in conversation with others (or myself!). I’m definitely a verbal processor. Talking out loud helps me sort through ideas and connect the dots. Also, following the innovation happening in other industries also tends to fuel my own! But aside from those two things, ideas often hit me when I’m doing something totally unrelated to my business, like cooking, or driving, or even showering!

What is the most common piece of advice you finding yourself giving clients?

Play to your strengths. I love a quote by Elle Luna that reads, “All too often we are not living the fullness of our lives because we are not expressing the fullness of our gifts.” I think the same can be said for business. When we understand our gifts (and how to elevate them), it becomes so much easier to stay in our lane and not fall privy to comparison. We begin to build the business we need (and not the one everyone else is building).

And let’s talk podcast now. Did you know that you’d want to spread your wings into the land of podcasts or did that evolve more naturally as an extension of your own brand?

The podcast, Ideas With Intention, definitely evolved as an extension of my brand and as an expression of my process (meeting ideas with intention). I realized that I needed to find a content medium that I could show up for consistently. Creating content is actually not something that comes easily to me, and while I do record some solo episodes, the majority are interview-based, allowing me to co-create with someone else. It’s been a really fun journey over the past two years and I’m excited to take the conversations offline through pop-up podcast events in real life!

And speaking of branding, yours is pretty on point. Have you always had an eye for design and aesthetic?

Oh, thanks so much! I’ve always had an eye for design and aesthetic but my skill set could definitely be sharpened! Personally, I’d much rather play the role of creative director and hire out the actual design work 😉 I think I’m a bit too much of a perfectionist!

You recently made a big move to the islands but are heading back to the mainland, San Diego in particular, for a 3-day workshop called This Wild Idea (obsessed with the name by the way bc how many of us have said this and done nothing about it?)! Tell us where the wild idea came from in creating and hosting this workshop, and what we can expect.

While living in San Diego, I was so inspired by the creative community I found there. And while many of the small business owners I met were incredibly passionate, they sometimes struggled with knowing how to drive their brand’s recognition and growth. Before I even knew I was moving to the islands, I had planned to create an experience to help them ignite the kind of ideas that would inevitably disrupt culture, make an impact, and simultaneously, scale their business to new heights.

And because I’m super intentional in seeing my own ideas through I’ve been planning this event from across the Pacific!

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I’ve designed the experience to serve those with an existing brand or business; female founders who are ready to imagine the next right thing. We’ll be diving into 3 key elements that help our ideas (and businesses) soar: Intention, Innovation & Influence through expert-led workshops, hands-on exercises and intimate conversations.

I think one of the best things about This Wild Idea is its size; I’m intentionally capping workshop seats at 15 so those in attendance can actually receive personal advice and individualized support.

What can you expect? To walk away having built a tangible plan for launching the next wave of your business with noticeable impact. You can also expect to leave with a group of women who are ready to rally behind your ideas.

For all the nitty-gritty details and to grab one of the last few tickets, head to

What is your favorite self-care practice to keep you grounded and centered when life gets busy?

Spending time in nature. Now that I’ve experienced it, I can’t imagine not living close to the ocean. It has a way of washing away any anxiety or stress I might be feeling.

Working out daily has also been a non-negotiable for me for over 5 years. It’s the first thing I do each morning and helps me to already feel a sense of accomplishment as I tackle the rest of the day.

If you weren’t building a branding empire, what else would you be doing in life?

Probably photographing food, travels and life! It’s a creative hobby of mine that I’ve had for a while but have recently wanted to explore and grow in more fully.

Okay, now some lightning round questions:

  • What is your favorite book? Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner
  • Current podcast obsession? Loving Green Dreamer by Kamea Chayne lately!
  • If you could have dinner with one person, who would it be? Sophia Bush. While I’ve loved her since One Tree Hill (lol), her activism is what I’m most inspired by these days.
  • What is always at your bedside? Essential oils and a bedtime read!
  • Which resonates more with you: Hustle or Alignment? Always alignment!!
  • Life mantra? If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it.


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